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The first step is to copy the YouTube link of the video you want to download or search for the video using its name

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The last step is simply to wait a few second and download the video – have a pleasant time

Audio Formats


MP3 - Audio

MP3 is a file format that saves only the audio without including the video. Choose MP3 if you want to download music.


MP4 - Video

MP4 is a file format that saves the video with the audio, similar to what you see on YouTube. Choose MP4 if you want to download the video.

Welcome to, YouTube to MP3 website. The website lets you download your favorite music to your computer with a few basic clicks. To do so, you’ll have to select the clip or audio you want to download from YouTube, paste the link above, and be ready to go.

The website supports two different formats – MP3 and MP4. The MP3 format is a format you’ll want to use to download the YouTube video as audio (music) only, without the video itself. If you want to download the video and the audio together (as on YouTube), you can select the MP4 format. After choosing the format, you’ll get a local clip copy!

Quickwo - Download MP3 From YouTube Website

Usually, YouTube converters are hard to use, and many websites are out there. To understand what service you are willing to use, you’ll have to experience multiple websites and determine the best one for you. Either way, we’re here to improve and make the best YouTube to MP3 experience you’ll ever get, with a safe and easy search form and only a few clicks from getting your desire.

Not all converters are safe to use. Some websites are trying to force you to download software to download clips or music, but most are advertising adware that makes your computer show you ad popups when using Google or YouTube. If you want to avoid such adware software, always try to use website converters and avoid downloading malicious software while trying to convert a clip.

Even if you’re using a safe converter website, you should always ensure the website converts only legal videos to convert. If you’re downloading a copyright-protected clip, you’re breaking the law. Therefore, make sure you are downloading content from websites that make sure you know which video is allowed to be downloaded.

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The Pros and Cons using YouTube to MP3 online converter

While it’s a fun and easy-to-use YouTube converter website, there are significant pros and cons you should be aware of.

The main pros are apparent: converting content and downloading it as offline content is straightforward, so you won’t use any more mobile bandwidth to listen to or see the content again.
Moreover, it’s free; you don’t need to pay for any third-party service, a subscription plan that takes you 20 bucks to listen to your favorite music.

But there is a big con using an online converter: the audio quality. Most converters let you download low-quality audio, which could be better if you use speakers or in-ear headphones. Services like Spotify let you listen to high-quality music but force you to pay a subscription.

To enjoy both worlds, always keep an eye on the quality of the audio you’re downloading; many websites, such as ours, let you download high-quality audio for free.

The impact of YouTube to MP3 converter on the music industry and the artists

It is now well known that most artists make little money from uploading their music to the internet, especially new artists who don’t have millions of monthly listeners. There are people out there who believe the reason for that is YouTube to MP3 websites, which makes the artist “lose” money since their listeners don’t see ads or pay money first.

However, many researches show that most artists using Spotify or other services receive money from listeners seeing ads or paying monthly subscriptions but don’t make more money from artists whose songs are downloaded by converters.

These studies show that the artists’ income is earned from shows, merchandise, or donations. Therefore, we’re happy that using our or other websites won’t change artists’ income.